I intended to post this yesterday, but my train home from oop north was delayed, and in the end I couldn’t be ostriched. Sorry about that…

Quite by chance, while trying to check train times I came across the Live Webchat page on the South West Trains website: this is the travellers’ opportunity to put questions to a senior manager of the organisation – it’s a bit of a shame so many people are wasting it on pointless whinging. Comments include (and I’m paraphrasing here):
“I got to the station two minutes after my train was due to leave and it had already gone! It’s not fair!”
“I got on the train without a ticket and had to pay a penalty charge! It’s not fair!”
“My train always gets into London two minutes late! It’s not fair!”


Anyway, I found myself today standing on the station in a little old northern town, browsing the magazine rack for something to while away a four-hour journey home: the choice was restricted to:

  • A selection of what are politely known as “top shelf” magazines
  • A selection of magazines normally read by people who think that David Beckham is interesting.
  • A selection of magazines normally read by under-10s
  • “Computer Shopper”, “Private Eye” and “Practical Gardener”


I ended up with “Computer Shopper” and “Private Eye”. I don’t like gardening.

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