First Class!

Back in May, I blogged about travelling First Class on Midland Mainline: you might remember that I wasn’t impressed. Travelling to Jenny’s for this weekend I decided that everyone deserves a second chance – besides which, by some weird railway version of bistromathics, by buying in advance I got a first class ticket for less than the cargo class equivalent. Go figure. Anyway, I’d like to withdraw my previous comments.

The carriage was roomy and the seats comfortable, but in the field of on-board freebies they made me feel like the country cousin: We hadn’t even left St. Pancreatitis before they were coming round with the free copies of the Evening Standard, closely followed by free coffee, free orange juice, free cookies and free wine. Then more free coffee. Then MORE free coffee.

I could get used to this.

And now I’m enjoying Jenny’s birthday partay. There may be pictures – especially of the chocolate fountain – later :-)

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