Excellent mystery-key-related news: I’ve remembered which padlock the key fits! It isn’t very exciting though…it’s the key to a padlock I use sometimes. If only I knew where the padlock was, that’d be useful information.

On a more serious note, today marks a couple of anniversaries: 25 years ago today, the CD player was invented. There isn’t really much to say about that, except that it may have run its course – digital re-writable formats like MP3 seem to be taking over for home and mobile entertainment purposes, and with digital music downloadable – and internet speeds increasing – I don’t suppose that buying music in “hard copy” form will still be around in another five years. There’s a prediction you can come back and challenge me on :-)

The other anniversary is that 20 years ago, Michael Ryan went on a killing spree around the quiet Berkshire town of Hungerford: There isn’t much to say about that either, except that it reminds me where I was that day: walking the South Devon Coast Path with my old chum Mark the Buddhist. We were having a rest day in Salcombe, and caught the bus into Kingsbridge so I could buy some ointment for my septic toe. Which in turn reminds me of the joke of the day:
“What do you give a pig with a septic toe?”

Oh how we laughed.

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