Happy Birthday to Yooooooo…..

Well firstly – many happy returns to my old – and I mean that in a very sepcial way – chum Jenny. I’m really looking forward to the weekend’s geocaching – oops sorry, I mean the birthday barbecue! According to m’colleague Leigh (who read it on the New Zealand Meteorological Office website), it’s going to chuck down all weekend.

I’m typing this on the train at Waterloo station, waiting to go home: The carriage has been invaded by american tourists who are stinking the place out with the McDonalds they’ve brought on board with them, taking photos of each other, and generally behaving in a loud manner. I’m not sure where this train goes that’d be of interest to american tourists, but there you are. It’d be funny if the thought they were on the train to Heathrow…

And finally, no, I haven’t worked out what that key is for yet. Sorry, I know you’re all on the edges of your seats…well, Mr Hedgehog is, anyway.

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