The Return of the Long Trousers

Back to work today, and as you may guess from the title, the first time I’ve worn long trousers since 26th July. Well almost – I DID wear long trousers one day when I went caching and was fed up with nettle stings and bramble scratches!

It’s been the usual back-to-work chaos, with two weeks worth of e-mails to look through – and in some cases even to do something about. Still, I more or less had my head above water by mid-afternoon so that wasn’t too bad. Hopefully by the end of the week, when I head north for two days running training sessions (and – entirely by coincidence – Jenny’s birthday party), I should be properly back on track.

Oh, and speaking of holiday caches – which I was up there in paragraph one – I told you there were some “fail to finds”: I’ve since discovered that one of them was removed by the cache owner before I went there, and another I’m sure isn’t accessible without trespassing. This seems to be confirmed by a picture posted on the latest log. The other two have been logged since I failed to find them, so they’re just my fault :-)

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