Ow ow ow. My back hurts.

This COULD be the result of sleeping on a soft-ish bed after a fortnight of a caravan bed which could best be described as “firm”, but I like to think it’s a result of the activity of the day: I’ve given Grunty Gruntmobile her annual bath, followed by washing half a ton of best Somerset mud off of the driveway. I’ll clean out the inside another day.

I’ve also got the best of the Medical Team photos online, which you can see here. And because I love you all, here’s one of my favourites from my caching activity while I was there: This is the view from Lodge Hill above Castle Cary, and that white blob in the distance is the Bath and West showground and the tents of New Wine.

So it’s back to work tomorrow and a return to normality: At least the food at lunchtime should be better than at New Wine :-)

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