I’m Home…

Hello chums, I’m home!

You’ll be pleased to know I had a fabby time: New Wine was better than ever, this year’s team were lovely to work with and I REALLY didn’t want to come home. Normally at the end of the fortnight I don’t want to go back to work, but you just accept that it’s come to an end: This time I could have happily done another fortnight. Ah well :-) . At least I learned some great new worship songs to teach the folks at Jenny’s church when I’m up there for her birthday next weekend. Heh heh.

Needless to say while I was there I managed a couple of caches:
A Load of Cock and Bull
Croscombe Hikers Part 2
Chesterblade Bottom
St Aldhelms Well
Would You Believe It?
Lodge Hill Ramble
Quick Tor at Three Ashes
Batcombe Bottom
There were also some fails-to-find, but that’s life! Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got 519 e-mails to work through…

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