I’m off on me hols tomorrow.

Panic not, however, loyal chums: I’ve left a set of cheesy cheating pre-written blogs for your entertainment, the first of which will give you something to do to keep you entertained. In fact reading GottleBlog in my absence might be more fun than when I’m here :-)

In the meantime, I’ve got a favour to ask you all: I’ve been following the BBC Radio 4 series “Hut 33″, a comedy about the Bletchley Park codebreakers in the second world war. I get it from the Radio 4 “Listen Again” website, record it on my computer and convert it to MP3, then listen to it on the train. The last episode is this coming Monday lunchtime – anyone fancy recording it for me? I could wait and take it from Listen Again when I get back but I’m not sure how long programmes stay on there, so I’d rather know someone’s getting it for me! MP3 would be best, but any format wil do, I can convert!


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