Paging Mr Noah

No blog yesterday. Sorry about that.

With the forecast rubbish weather, the Raynet group was put on standby: Since the call came while I was in London – and we couldn’t contact my deputy – it all got a bit frantic for a bit, making sure everyone knew. Thanks to Julian, if you’re reading, for handling the call-handling bit of the job. So with that – and the fact that I was late to Hospital Radio, AND we were one short there as well, blogging had to wait. Sorry.

The Raynet call never came, so I headed off to work this morning. London got off fairly lightly – it carked it down for about 45 minutes at lunchtime, but apart from that it was a fairly nice day. That didn’t stop the allegedly-Londoncentric BBC news website, mind you – on the page labelled “Berkshire floods” there were pics of cars floating down the road. A page of pictures of people standing in water up to their ankles was headed “London struggles in major flooding”.

Mind you, I’d just got on the train home this evening and was congratulating myself on the fact that MY train was running on time. It did, until we got to the landslip just outside Winchfield :-( . The track was quite impressively flooded, so at least it was worthwhile.

And I learned something interesting this evening too. Not every bus that comes past the railway station goes to my house. Luckily I realised and got off before it’d taken me too far in the wrong direction.

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