Yet Another Book Review

Last time I was in Nottingham, I was waiting for Jenny in Asda when I spotted a book on the cheap rack: “Someone Like Me” by Tom Holt. It’s a 90-pager from the “Quick Reads” series – ideal for a train ride.

I like Tom Holt: He writes sort-of comic adventure fantasy: One of his is “The Portable Door”, featuring the character Paul Carpenter, and containing one of my favourite book quotes of all time: “I sometimes think that ‘Paul’ must be the word for ‘idiot’ in some language that everyone knows except me”. They’re the sort of books you can read a dozen times and spot new jokes and one-liners every time.

So, I like Tom Holt, and there was one I’d never seen before on the cheap shelf. I bought it.

It rode around in my briefcase for a while, until the day I didn’t feel like doing any work on my own literary masterpiece. The best I cans ay, if it had been by someone I’d never heard of, I’d probably have thought “Hmm, not bad – I’ll read some of his stuff again”. As it was, I read it expecting Tom Holt, and was a little bit disappointed. I’ll give it another try – I might have just been having a bad day – but it didn’t grab me the way his stuff normally does.

If you’ve never read Tom Holt, try “Wish You Were Here” or “The Portable Door”. Don’t try “Someone Like Me”. Sorry Tom, if you’re reading.

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