With a title like that you might think I was going to tell you about the District Church Council. But I’m not.

Eighteen weeks ago – on my last day before unemployment – I did my six hundredth cache with Rockin’ Rob: I commented then “Wouldn’t it be fun to see if I can do my next hundred before I start work again?” I had a good crack, but fortunately I found a new job really quickly, which kinda restricted my caching opportunities! Anyway, rather slower than originally planned, today I did my 700th :-)

The chosen cache was Easter Surprise, in a wet boggy bit of the New Forest: I persuaded Sarah and George and their doggies to come along: The Tates introduced me to caching, and the last milestone cache I did with them was my hundredth, so I was keen to do this one with them. I think Sarah would have preferred to stay home in the dry – she did end up a bit bedraggled in the rain – but the dogs enjoyed it, especially Lennie, who definitely needed a bath afterwards! Sarah actually found the cache – not where it should’ve been, it was in the river: We think the rain must have washed it out of its proper hiding place, so while writing in the log book we dried the cache out.

Then we had to return the cache to its proper hiding place. Since we didn’t really know where that was it could’ve been a bit of a challenge, but it was fairly obvious where it was supposed to be: Unfortunately we were the wrong side of the river, which was deep and fast-flowing after the recent rain. We decided that the hiding place would be within reach from a small gravel island in the middle of the water – and that was in jumping distance.

Well, it should’ve been in jumping distance.

Halfway through the jump – yes, it was me wot dun it – an overhanging branch that I hadn’t previously noticed hit me in the shoulder, slowing my progress enough to stop me about a foot short of the gravel. SPLASH! Sarah commented afterwards “I didn’t really think you were going to jump it!”

Anyway, the cache is back in its hiding place, my finds count has hit 700, and I’m home, showered and dry :-D . Thanks to Sarah and George for the company – hope the doggies dried out OK!

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