The train had almost reached Waterloo this morning when I had a text from Jenny:

“Suspect car in West End, you may get held up”.

Of course it’s been all over the news by now. A car bomb had crahed into a pile of dustbins outside a packed nightclub: The driver had done a runner, and Police were dealing with the incident. I find it a little odd – assuming the press reports are right, and I should know better than to trust them by now – that the crash was witnessed by a troupe of nightclub doormen, yet it was an ambulance crew, attending an unrelated incident, who called the Police.

The other thing that’s a bit odd is that everyone’s describing it as an attempt to bomb a packed nightclub: Surely if they’d been trying to bomb the nightclub, the bomb would’ve gone off? The witnesses – those heroic non-Police-calling doormen – described the car going out of control and crashing. Surely it can’t only be me who thinks that it was on its way somewhere else?

Meanwhile, another device “viable and clearly linked” was found near Trafalgar Square, but because it was illegally parked it was towed away and dumped on Park Lane. Looks like something’s well kicking off. So it’s worth mentioning for the benefit of those of you who care about me: If you hear on the news there’s been an “incident” in London when I’m at work – all non-Emergency service mobiles will be disabled, so if you can’t contact me, DON’T PANIC!

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