There IS Such a Thing as a Free Lunch!

Back in my early days at the jelly factory I used to work for someone we all called ”Fat Boy Roy”, for reasons that were rather obvious: his name was Roy. Anyway, on my first day he gave me a piece of advice I’ve always tried to follow: “Never refuse an opportunity for free food at the company’s expense”. It’s the only FBR advice I ever did follow, so it seems only right to do it properly.

Since I’ve joined “the Civil”, there seems to be quite a lot of free food: Lunchtime meetings always seem to include lunch, and there’s usually some left over – and being part of the Corporate Services team (which organises lunches) means that I’m normally close by when the remaining grub arrives in the office. There’s even usually something that could be described as “salad”.

Having come from the private sector, I was a bit concerned that I’d get a reputation for overeating when the free food arrived. Luckily I’ve discovered a colleague whose prodigious free food intake I’ll be hard put to match. I’ll tell you more about him on another occasion.

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