Gadget Again

I told you all last week about the keyboard I’d bought to go with my PDA: Here it is in situ, being a useful commuter tool on one of the little tray tables South West Trains provide.

Also in the picture you’ll notice another useful commuter tool, also provided by South West Trains.

If you could see properly what it said on the PDA screen, you’d deduce that I’ve made a start on writing the book that I told you about a few weeks ago: Provisionally entitled “Playing it Safe”, it’s going to be a guide to basic health and safety, for small community organisations who can’t afford all the hassle and expense of doing it the way workplaces do – but can’t afford to get it wrong. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it – or if a publisher will take it on if I do. But it’ll be an interesting experience to write it, and I’m sure I’ll learn loads.

And don’t worry – I’ve already hand-picked those of my readers who’re going to be guinea pigging chapter one when it’s finished: Jan and Andy, Jenny and Sarah…polish yer reading glasses!

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