Number One Caravan Mending Person

You might remember when I came back from Devon, I needed to do some bodywork repairs on my caravan. You’ll also remember that my attempted repair didn’t work, and I had a throwing-toys-out-of-the-pram moment. If you don’t remember, see here

At the time, I commented “If my Dad were still alive, he’d have repaired it in no time: It wouldn’t have been pretty, but it would have worked.”

As you can see, I decided today to follow his example. It isn’t pretty, and that little rat’s nest took me five hours to get right. But my caravan is mended! On the way there was quite a bit of swearing, and towards the end, quite a bit of “ARRRRGH! I am DEFINITELY getting too old for this!”. I also had to borrow some tools from a neighbour, and go to the tool shop over the road for a 10mm drill bit.

So a job that I REALLY wasn’t looking forward to is done, and I’m heading for the gym. Via the off licence.

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