No Dirty Nappy, Sherlock

Today’s picture was taken in one of South West Trains’ finest facilities – to be specific, the facility in the buffet car on the 18:05 from Waterloo. And on which subject, if you’re not sure what I mean by “facility”, just muse on the name “Waterloo” and you’ll soon get the idea. Now I know there’s a theory that having kids scrambles your brain, but anyone stupid enough to need a sign telling them not to use the table in the upright position ought to be on “Big Brother”.

Mind you, this is the same train company that waits until the train is pulling out of the station – with the next stop an hour away – and then does a public address announcement saying “You must buy a ticket before you get on one of our trains”. It’s also the company where every morning when the train arrives at Waterloo, does an announcement “This train is now at its final destination”…(pause)…“Petersfield”

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