No, not that sort of promotion – my fabby new job is going well, but not that well. Not yet anyway.

On this occasion I’m referring to the rather rubbish promotion going on in The Upper Crust, the chain franchise that runs buffets on railway stations. They’re my breakfast providers of choice, and you can currently get a hot crusty bacon roll and a medium coffee for 2-99, which compares very favourably to London prices. I’d originally thought it only applied in the South West Trains area, so I was delighted the other week on my Grand Regional Tour to discover it’s also available at Derby. It’s about the only good thing about Derby station – other than that it’s in Derby, of course1.

The reason why this promotion is so rubbish is that they don’t tell anyone about it – if you ask for a roll and small coffee, they’ll explain that because of the promotion, a roll and medium coffee would be cheaper, but there’re no signs or posters or anything. I always thought the idea of promotions was to promote them, but maybe I’m being silly and old-fashioned.

Ooh, and an update on the train-riding partygoers I told you about a couple of weeks back: the one whose birthday it was that weekend is awaiting the birth of his first grandchild. There’s been a bottle of bubbly on the table every morning this week – so far it’s remained unopened2.

1 Thought I’d better slip that in – I’m in enough trouble with Jan already.
2 UPDATE: Grand-daughter born yesterday. Champagne opened this morning. They’re barmy, the lot of ‘em.

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