Unable to think of a witty headline

I have the new car!

But to get things in order…I had a nasty nosebleed last night. I’m prone to these when I’ve got a cold; I don’t know if I blow my nose harder than I’m supposed to or what, but colds and sneezes inevitably lead to bloodstained hankies with me. This one didn’t hang about long, luckily. Then this morning I collected my new mighty gruntmobile from the sales place: It didn’t have much diesel in, so I took it to the garage over the road to fill up. This seemed to take forever, it’s got a HUGE tank (speaking of tanks, I asked the garage to arange for a towbar to be fitted before I collected the car: Said towbar looks like a spare part from a tank!). Then I decided to go for a drive to familiarise myself with the automatic transmission – OK, I was really looking for a big deep ford to drive through: Sadly, the only one I found, The Watersplash at Brockenhurst, was dry.

Then home to a few hours of gadget-fitting: So far I’ve got the alarm in, and the handsfree for the phone, and the ham radio aerial: Still to come, the ham radio kit itself, the GPS, the wiring from the GPS to the PDA, and the stereo. But that’s for another day, it’s time to retire with my “Off Road Driving” book, and a stiff cold restorative.

Oh, and something very important: Before stowing the new pressure washer (see yesterday) in the shed, I thought I’d better check that it worked. This is the most fun you can have with clothes on! Look out at the next geocache bash, Omally!

Keep well one and all…

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