Going Underground

So, here’s a little puzzle.

You’re on a train from Oop North which gets into St Pancreatitis at four minutes past five: You’re scheduled to be on the five past six from Waterloo, but there’s a five thirty five from Waterloo which would get you home – and onwards to Sarah’s for curry and salad (yes, real salad) – half an hour sooner. You have your weekend case and a heavy briefcase: are you going to make it?

The attempt is made more difficult because there are a load of hairy blokes with hard hats and beer bellies, knocking St Pancreatitis station about with sledgehammers, so there’s no easy route from the trains to the underground: once you get underground there’s a choice of two routes, each of which involves a change: the shorter, more direct route is mainly on the Northern line (known by regular users as the “Misery Line”), the other is less likely to break down but involves a longer journey.

In short, yes it is possible, as long as you know where you’re going, and you’re not shy about elbowing slow-moving pedestrians out of the way. By the time you get to Waterloo the train will have no seats left, and you’ll be so hot and sweaty you’ll end up washing and getting changed in the loo on the train (lucky you had that weekend bag eh?), but it’s possible.

And yes, the curry was yummy as usual, thanks for asking.

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