First Class

I promised the other day that I’d tell you a bit more about the amazing scams you can work once you’ve got a season ticket for the choo-choos.

Unless something’s gone nipples north, as they say, by the time you see this I should be in Nottingham, visiting Jenny and Chris, attending pub quizzes and playing with kittens. Since I have to be in the area for work on Tuesday – and work’ve bought me a train ticket home – I’ve come up by train rather than bring Grunty and then be unable to get her home.

A normal direct service from Southampton to Derby (which is the nearest mainline station to where Jenny and Chris live) costs fifty-ish quid, although for that price if you pick your train time carefully you can go straight through without changing trains. I was just about to get my ticket when I realised that if I was prepared to travel via London, I could use my season ticket for part of the journey and save some dosh. In fact – by buying my ticket from the Trainline more than a week in advance – I got a first class ticket for 21, only three pounds more than standard class would have cost. Sounded like a worthwhile investment to enjoy a touch of luxury, especially since, according to my contact who knows about these things, it includes free tea and coffee.

Better still, travelling on a season ticket in the off-peak period, I could upgrade to first class for the Southampton – London portion of the journey for just a fiver as well :-) .

I’m writing this well in advance, so a report on what I thought of posh people’s travel will follow soon: In due course I’ll let you know how I make use of my other season ticket perks: Cut price tickets for people travelling with me, a small allocation of free tickets for me to non-season ticket destinations, and “kids travel for a quid”. I bet you can’t wait.

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