Licensed to Mis-Spell

One of the spelling rules that always confuses me is the whole license/licence thing. Because I needed to get it right for something I was doing this afternoon, I know that it’s “LicenCe=noun” and “LicenSe=verb” – so if I license you, you’ve got a licence. Whether I’ll remember that the next time I need to know is anyone’s guess. I never get “practice/practise” right either, I guess they work the same.

The funny thing was, when I went on-line looking for guidance, many websites – including those of some respected academic institutions – don’t do it consistently, with a couple using “licence” and “license” as a noun in the same paragraph.

In the end I got my Big Boy’s Book of Health and Safety Law and checked the spelling in the Asbestos (Licensing) Regulations 1983. If I do the same as they say, I’m in with a pretty good chance.

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