Getting Shirty

When you find yourself yawning at work, and it’s only Monday lunchtime, it’s probably a sign that you overdid it at the weekend.

Although I can’t see that I did, really. Saturday mainly involved a visit to my tailor (“Man at Matalan”) in a hunt for shirts: Sunday featured church, followed by the rather fabby County Raynet Barbecue, funded by the local council Emergency Planning Team as a thank-you for all that Raynet do.

And on the subject of shirts – where have all the large sizes gone? Last week when I was looking, I could only find three short sleeved shirts with 18″ collars, and they were all in…ummm…”interesting” colours. I’ve got enough problems meeting women without wearing pink or lime green shirts. This week, between Matalan, Asda and John Lewis, I found a grand total of one shirt that met my three basic requirements of short sleeves, man-sized collar, and a colour that wouldn’t have everyone around me wearing sunglasses.

Or maybe I’m too particular?

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