You Learn Something New Every Day

Apparently Thursday this week is “National Learning at Work” day.

I know that because on Friday we all had an e-mail from the Learning and Development Team about it. Now after my last job it’s enough of a culture shock to work somewhere that believes in Learning and Development, but there was more to come.

A huge poster appeared on the wall, advertising Learning at Work day and inviting people to sign up for what they fancied doing. There were even three marker pens provided. After it had been there a while, I commented to Brad, who sits next to me, “At my last job, that would’ve been covered in obscene graffiti by now, and someone would’ve stolen the marker pens”.

At first he thought I was joking – bless him, I don’t think he’s ever worked in industry – and when I finally convinced him he thought it was so funny he went round telling everyone.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him it wouldn’t have mattered much – another ten minutes and the poster would’ve been on the floor: someone would’ve nicked the Blu-Tac.

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