You’ll remember that I told you how, in week one of new job, I won a “Teecher’s Pet” mug of my very own. At the time it seemed destined to live its life as a pen holder – I’d already taken my own sepcial mug – one of only 800 in the world of that design – in to work for coffee-drinking purposes.

Until it got nicked.

It was my own fault really – because I only drink black coffee my mug never really gets that manky, so I’d gone home, leaving it on my desk and intending to wash it in the morning. But by the morning it had been snaffled by the cleaners, washed, and hidden away somewhere.

So it was a nice surprise this morning, when attending a meeting down on the fifth floor, to be offered a cup of coffee in my own mug. Yes, we’re reunited!

Dontcha just LOVE a happy ending?

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