All Write

Something happened today that didn’t go as I’d hoped – but I won’t dwell on that. The two of my readers who need to know about it already do: One because they were there, and the other because I was on the phone to them five minutes later!

Captain Henrington X Thirst Esquire asked me the other day “What are you doing with your commuting time? Are you writing a book?”. I WOULD like to write a book, and it sounds like something I could usefully do on the train – but what would I write about? I don’t have much talent for fiction (although ex-boss Sean, who used to sign my expenses claims, might disagree), and while I can occasionally do comedy, I can’t turn it on to order.

I’ve been asked to turn out a couple of magazine articles about health and safety for small community voluntary organisations, so maybe I should start with those: Once I get my teeth into it, there could be a book worth doing in that. And if not, at least I’ll have written the magazine thingies.

I’ll have plenty of time to try it – I’ve got a couple of meetings up Nawf this week, so I’ll have a bonus four hours train riding on top of my normal commuting.

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