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Well now, I wasn’t expecting to be here providing you with top-quality blog this evening, but there y’go. See, a bunch of my bestest chums are having a barbecue tomorrow, with a few staying on a nearby campsite: My plan was to haul my caravan up there after work today, staying until Sunday and enjoying the barbie, finding a few geocaches and enjoying a couple of beers.

Anyway, I was up early this morning, getting the car hooked up to the caravan and things like that – it saves over an hour in the evening if I take the caravan to work, y’see, ‘cos I would otherwise have to fight through heavy traffic back into Southampton, collect the ‘van, then fight through more heavy traffic to get back out again, to more or less where I started from.

Anyway, I skived off work a bit early and was heading up the M3 when I noticed in the mirror that the gas bottle box cover was flapping open. I thought this was strange.
“Strange”, I thought (see, I told you I did). I pulled onto the hard shoulder and got out to close it, and that was the point at which I noticed that the wire which controls the caravan lights (indicators, brake lights, stuff like that) wasn’t connected. In fact, it had been ripped out of the plug (and looks intentional).

Well, I wasn’t staying there to fiddle with it – more people are killed on the hard shoulder of UK motorways than in actual carriageway accidents*, so I drove on to a place where I could pull off the motorway and stop in a layby. A quick examination showed that the necessary repair was beyond the tools I had with me, so I headed for home**, and will head up to the Barbie in the morning.

*May not be true, but it’s something like that

**By a route I expected to have no Police cars

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