Sepcially for Sarah

I was in conversation with a certain rather cheeky person last night: no names mentioned but the title of this piece might give you a clue. I commented how exciting I thought starting my new job was going to be, to which she replied “Yes, at least your blogs should be a bit more interesting now.” Huh!

Still, she wasn’t wrong: The day got interesting on the train, where the people in front of me were discussing nice places to live in Southampton. Rather a restricted topic in itself, it can’t have been helped by the fact that the one with most opinions was illustrating her points using a London A-Z.

The first thing that happened when I arrived was my security induction, in which I was told – among other things – all the horrible things that would be done to me if I blogged about anything that happens at work. I didn’t think disembowelling was still legal in this country, but there y’go. I was also tipped off that most of the people I work with – including my boss – are going to be on strike tomorrow. As long as there’s someone who can talk me through the intricacies of the voicemail system, I should be OK.

I hope that keeps a certain cheeky person happy – she should be warned that I’ve still got a picture from our Devon trip, which even she hasn’t seen yet, that I could share with you all.

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