The Good, the Bad and the Pretty

Today’s good news was that the early start I moaned about yesterday was cancelled.

The bad news was that it wasn’t cancelled until after I’d got a bit stressed running around and solving all the problems that the early start might’ve caused if it hadn’t been cancelled.

The pretty, of course, was the views I saw this afternoon. Since one Raynet activity hadn’t happened, I decided to spend the afternoon surveying locations for another Raynet activity: We’re covering a big event in a couple of months time that we’ve never done before, and I’d promised the other organisers that I’d check out parts of the course – the main job being to visit the locations where we’ve decided we’d like checkpoints, and see what the access, parking etc is like. So, as you’ll see from the picture, I’ve been climbing hills around Salisbury looking at views.

Of course, while it wasn’t specifically a geocaching outing, if my route took me right past a cache I’d never done, it would’ve been rude not to do it, wouldn’t it ;-) . I managed to plot a route that took me past:
Off the Monarch’s Way
A Glimpse of the 404 Feet
City Trail: Intercity
City Trail: the Workhouse
City Trail: Height Limit

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