Well that was a novel experience – I’ve never maxed out a credit card in an afternoon before!

Today was the day that I bought my season tickets – both for the train, and the bus that’ll get me to the station. The train season ticket was a no-brainer – I only need to use it on 35% of the working days in the year and it’s cheaper than buying individual tickets, and that’s without all the perks that come with having a season ticket, like a third off all off-peak train travel. The bus ticket is a bit tighter: I need to use it for 284 journeys to break even, and with days off, and days that the weather’s nice enough to walk, it’s a bit questionable. I’ll need to keep a record of how much I use it – of course I’ll sometimes use it at weekends for non-work purposes, so that needs to be considered. Also, having a season ticket will save me the hassle of making sure I’ve got the right change for the bus – which in turn will save me buying drinks and newspapers that I don’t really want.

Ooh, it’s getting exciting!

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