I Forgot…

…to mention a few things, the first of which was the first of yesterday’s activities: I told you that we had to put a new log sheet in one of Sarah’s caches – nice and easy you’d think, download the approved design from the geocaching website, print it, and off we go. In a house without children it probably would’ve gone like that, in our case it involved half an hour on hands and knees, digging out the chocolate biscuit crumbs that were causing the printer to jam!

Something else I’d kept from you is my own act of near-stupidity in Maplins: I told you that I’ve been busy copying music onto my PDA so I can listen to it on the train: To facilitate this process, I ordered a 4GB CF card from those nice people at MyMemory, knowing that I could put it straight into the memory slot on the lappy and copy across.

Or I could, if my lappy had a CF slot :-(

What I need, I decided when I was in Maplins, is an adaptor that plugs into either my USB port or my PCMCIA slot, that takes a CF card. Maplins didn’t have any USB ones, or none that I could see: After much searching, I found one that fits the card slot. It was having found it – and luckily, before buying it – I realised it looked mightily familiar. I’ve already got one.

So, I’ve been going through my CDs and copying stuff: It’s surprising how much of the stuff I’ve got, I haven’t listened to for ages. I suppose it figures really: If you’ve got one CD, you listen to it all the time: then you buy another and listen to them in rotation. Once you’ve got a load, you can only listen to one at a time, and the older ones are likely to fll by the wayside. So I’m rediscovering stuff I last listened to years ago – it’s like a voyage of discovery, only with better on-board entertainment.

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