Oh S**t!

Do you ever have those “Oh s**t” moments? Moments when you realise you’ve done something really stupid that’s going to cost you dear in terms of inconvenience and/or expense? I had one of those this afternoon – but you’ll have to keep reading, because a lot of other stuff happened first.

And first I must tell you that Saturday afternoon’s caches were:
Itchen Puzzle – the final part of a series that I started ages ago. It takes a walk round a lovely local park, which was great in the sunshine :-) . Then I went on to Dune’s Blackbird Hideaway, which has been one of my nearest “not founds” for far too long, before finishing the day with Little Fat Ponies, a nice walk through some bluebell woods.

Today started early, with the main event being to be an important person on the Rockbourne Ride: This is a horse riding event, and I was manning one of the checkpoints, watching all the horses (and riders) going past. Once I was freed from that duty, a little more caching was called for – first was Brews and Views: Rockbourne, owned by our old chum Nobby Nobbs. A steep climb up a hill was rewarded by both a trig point and some great views, so that was worthwhile!

Then I moved on to another of Nobby’s caches, Brews and Views: Whitsbury, where the biggest problem was parking – the village was en fete today and there were parked cars jammed in every available hole. I cheated by parking in the village hall car park, pretending I was calling in for a cream tea (sold in aid of the church roof, or something), and scooting off to find the cache. My conscience was bothering me a bit by the time I got back so I called in prepared to spend a pound on a pot of tea – and if anyone could have been bothered to serve me, I’d have had one. Instead I moved on to Fordingbridge, and Bridge over Troubled Water.

On the path down to this one I met a man walking two dogs, black and white collies: Nothing odd in that you might think, but he was also walking two black and white cats! Apparently whenever he walks the dogs the cats insist on coming along as well. He’s got a parrot at home as well.

Getting back to the car I had my “Oh s**t” moment. I took my boots off, then went to open the door to throw my rucksack in: Where are my car keys? Not on my belt, where they normally hang: Not in the zipped trouser pocket I sometimes put them in if I don’t want to wear them on my belt. Oh S**T, I must have dropped them somewhere on the walk :-( . There’s no option – I’ll have to do the whole walk again and hope I find them. And I haven’t even got my walking boots, because I’ve already changed into my trainers and put my boots in the car…

Hang on, if I’ve put my boots in the car, I haven’t lost my keys have I? They were on the back parcel shelf. Phew!

And on the subject of the seekrit blog – those of you making guesses are going to be disappointed, it’s no kind of big announcement at all. But keep trying, it’s fun seeing you all guess!

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