I told you the other day that I wanted to sort out my haircut before I had my new ID card pictures taken. Sarah commented “Having your hair cut won’t make that much difference will it?”. Cheeky…umm…person.

Anyway, as you can see I’m still handsome, so that’s OK. It’s lucky I got on and got that sorted really because I’ve had some news – I start my new job a week on Monday! So next week I’ve got to sort out train season tickets and stuff like that, as well as having a Raynet meeting and hopefully doing the New Forest trip that was postponed from today. I’d rather like to get some caches in as well ;-) .

I had another crack at mending my caravan today: I thought I’d got it sorted, but without success. Time to call in a proper man, the trouble is I’m not sure where to find the appropriate personage: It’s more of a bodywork job that a mechanical fix, so the normal caravan engineer probably won’t do. Any inspiration on caravan bodywork experts in the Southampton area would be gratefully received.

Finally – remember I told you I was doing a mega-holiday-blog but I wasn’t sure if I’d ever post it? It was about softy stuff like feelings and stuff, and Sarah reckoned I should post it. So last night I finished it off, and the stupid software promptly lost it. Luckily I had the unfinished version saved so it’ll appear sooner or later…just not yet!

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