Gimme Gimme Frustration Baby

I know the real song lyric was “Gimme Gimme Temptation Baby”1, but it wouldn’t fit the subject…

As I intimated yesterday, my caravan needs repair, and without going into detail, it’s a bit of basic-ish engineering that’s required. Today was appointed “Mend caravan day”. Not to put too fine a point on it, I’ve

  1. Made the problem worse
  2. Thrown my tools all over the garden
  3. Hurt my already-painful shoulder and given myself a headache
  4. Caused my blood sugar to fall far enough to have to have one of my emergency dextrose thingies
  5. Given up in disgust

Why does life allocate skills the way it does? I’m supposed to be so sodding clever, yet when it comes to practical skills I’m worse than useless. My Dad wasn’t the cleverest bloke in the world – reading and writing weren’t among his greatest skills – but he’d have had my caravan mended in less time that it took me to arrange the letters after my name into alphabetical order3. It wouldn’t have been pretty but it would have worked.

Following your comments on yesterday, I should explain that I didn’t buy my PDA from Amazon and I certainly didn’t pay the Amazon price for it! I just linkied to that website because it had the best concise description of what the PDA is and does :-) .

And on the subject of frustration – Claire and Aviatrix, I’ve tried leaving comments on your various blogs but Blogger won’t let me log in :-( . Sorry about that. And I’ve had an e-mail from my new employers to day they haven’t started my security checks yet because they’ve had trouble contacting one of my referees – which makes it a bit odd that my formal offer of employment arrived this morning.

Still, it’s still a nice day out there and I’m due to head for the New Forest tomorrow, as one of my caches needs a bit of maintenance. Life could be a LOT worse :-)

1 “Temptation”, Wet Wet Wet 3
2 aBdDEGHHIIIiMMNOOpRrSSS. OK, that took two minutes, so maybe not quite that quickly.
3 Yes, I’m thoroughly ashamed at knowing Wet Wet Wet lyrics.

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