Have you noticed, it’s lovely out there?

I’m blaming that for how little I’ve achieved today: I went to the bank to pay in a lovely big cheque this morning – although it was only for expenses that I’ve already spent :-) . Then I went shopping and bought a hacksaw (because I need to cut some metal to mend my caravan), and a bottle of screenwash. I’ve also filled in my team application form for New Wine, although I can’t post it yet – I’m waiting until I’ve had a haircut before I have a new lot of passport photos done! I’ll need quite a few, I’m expecting to have to submit one for my new work ID card, as well as for my train and bus season tickets. So I want to make sure I look my best.

I didn’t mention that both my fabby new PDA and my new mobile phone have arrived. The phone is a Sony Ericsson W850 – I wanted the 800, because that was what I had as a work mobile until I stopped working. According to the man on the Vodafone upgrade line, the 800 isn’t available any more because it’s too old – odd, because it was brand new and top of the range six months ago! Anyway, I like the 850 so that’s OK. The number is the same, for those of you who have my mobile number!

The PDA is the HP 2790 – I was going to buy the next model down, but my technical advisor (who as far as I know wasn’t on commission) advised that as I was spending a wad on a decent one, I ay as well spend a bit extra and get the best available with the features I wanted. So I did :-)

Off to the gym now…

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