Doggies and Other Stuff

In a comment on yesterday’s offering, Her Ladyship J of G commented “It’s good to see you almost in the same frame as a dog. We’ll get you there one day!”. How’s this then ;-) ? Admittedly he is asleep, but I’m sure it still counts.

I have to admit, my whole dog-phobia thing has been a lot better anyway since I’ve been spending time with Sarah and her doggies: I still let discretion be the better part of valour with the horrible German Shepherd I met up near Northampton the other week, but I don’t run screaming from big scary doggies generally. I even got within lead range of Sarah’s Dad’s Jack Russell one day last week, and that is courage!

JG also said “I can’t see a speeling mistale. ‘Receipt’ is the original spelling of ‘recipe’”. Oh bum – still, I’ve learned something I didn’t know there, as well :-)

Today’s been really productive – I’ve emailed a couple of people I needed to get in touch with, and I’ve:

  • Phoned my new employers to find out what’s happened to my formal job offer. Apparently I should’ve been told I wouldn’t get it until the security checks were complete.
  • Phoned the people I volunteer with in the summer, to report that the applying-to-be-on-team bit of their website is broken. They knew, and they’re going to email me the forms I need
  • Phoned Vodafone to upgrade my mobile. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages, but yesterday Bex and Her Chap were taking the mickey out of my handheld brick, and that was the last straw!
  • Been shopping to buy some bits I need to mend Sarah’s charger, which got chewed by a certain puppy on holiday. That cost me rather more than I was expecting, not because the bits were expensive (they weren’t) but because of the stuff I got for myself while I was there.

It’s a busy old life…

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