At Last, the Holiday Blog (with Photos)

Not the mighty holiday blog I told you about yesterday – I still haven’t finished that one, and in any case I haven’t totally decided whether I’ll ever post it publicly if I do. It might turn out to be a bit boring for anyone who wasn’t there – although I’ll admit that doesn’t normally stop me :-)

So, on Easter Sunday I hitched up the caravan to Grunty, and drove to the caravan site. I’d been warned there was no guarantee we’d be camped near each other – apparently the site allocate locations by computer which can’t be overridden. So it was a nice surprise to find I was going to be right next to Sarah’s encampment – and the view was an even nicer surprise. Here’s the sunset as seen from my caravan doorway.

On Monday we went to Exmouth, where we spotted an interesting smelling pistake, in the window of a cafeteria. We didn’t eat at this one, just in case.

And of course, we did the webcam cache I told you about yesterday – but Rob took two pictures for us, and you’ve only seen one so far:

Tuesday was the day we went to Brixham, where we looked at shops, ate chips (with salad), bought wine, and one of us (not me) had an ear piercing. And on the way back to the site, Sarah and I did a couple of caches: As you can see, it was a lovely day – no sign of the snow that Metcheck had promised!

I forgot to mention that the campsite has an “animals” area with pygmy goats – I thought Stu would like this pic:

On Wednesday we went to Topsham where, for some reason, I didn’t take any photos, although I did buy my Mum’s birthday pressie in the antiques warehouse. I also got something for Sarah that she’d admired. Then we went to the cheese shop where we got some things that we both liked! Oh, and near the campsite, I spotted a road sign that I had to have my piccy taken with…

OK, I admit I had to Photoshop a “C” into a “G” on that.

On Thursday we went to Exmouth beach, where Maggie did “Points of Destiny”…

and Sarah did her impression of one of the girls off of “Suburban Shootout”…

Of course as “Suburban Shootout” is on Channel 5, that reference will be lost on 99% of you :-(

And when we got back to the caravan site, Lenny was very tired.

While Lenny (and Mags for that matter) slept, the rest of us went to a local restaurant to eat: I’d promised the Tates a nice meal celebrating my new job, and this was it. After we’d eaten, Bex was amazed at the size of the tip I left – lucky she didn’t see the bill! Then on Friday, I helped the Tates pack up and go home, went and did some caching, went back to Thursday’s restaurant to collect the sunglasses Bex had left there, and went to a beer festival with Hutters.

And on Saturday I too packed up and went home. What a fabby week I had!

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