Holiday Caching

As most of you will know, I’ve been on holiday, caravanning with Sarah, George and Bex – not to mention Maggie the Insane Boxer Dog and Lennie the Loonie Pup. They’ve got a favourite site they’ve taken their caravan to for years, and this time they invited me and my caravan along to join them! I’m working on a fairly long blog about what we did at the moment – meanwhile here’s a roundup of those holiday caches :-)

The Hotspot, a webcam cache from which today’s photo is taken. Thanks to Rockin’ Rob for doing the technostuff for us.

The Mudbath, which wasn’t really muddy at all!

The Rocky Horror, which WAS rocky – didn’t stop Sarah complaining that we could’ve driven right to it, though :-)

Estuary View, from where there’d probably have been a good view of the Exe estuary if it hadn’t been so misty.

Woodbury Castle, close to a prehistoric hill fort with excellent views.

Crossed Lines – Bicton Common, a fun cache with an interesting twist

The Old Butts, interesting mainly for the number of opportunities in the area for falling down big holes – it looked like a Time Team dig!

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