One of the things I checked with New Boss Julie, when I was up visiting last week, is the dress code for the office.

Apparently, the usual arrangement (for men, that is) is for a collar and tie and nice trousers, with or without a jacket, or a suit. On Friday most people wear jeans. Sizing up what I was wearing at the time (which included the nice jacket I’d bought in M&S only the day before), she commented “Of course, Asda do some really nice clothes at reasonable prices these days…”. She seems to have sized me up pretty well :-(

She also presented me with the organisation’s Health and Safety Policy, which fills two honkin’ big ring binders. She pointed out that she couldn’t expect me to read it before I started, but if I felt like a little light bedtime reading, at least I had it. I haven’t started yet, but apparently it was written by a consultant…

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