So, to your comments on yesterday’s offering: Yes Nobby, I’m sure the Swan is nice, but it was where we started our walk – we’d have lost rather a lot of time walking back to it and out again. And yes Lois, I’m afraid the was all. We both had to get back in time for Hospital Radio in the evening, otherwise we’d have gone on to do the last three on the Kennet and Avon.

One of the caches that we didn’t do – because it’s currently missing – was The Narrowboat, named after a pub which is very close by. We arrived at lunchtime, so what more natural than to have lunch there? You’d think, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately they were having what might politely be termed “a staffing crisis”, or could be more accurately termed “a useless workshy pillock serving”. Whatever, the consequence was that we were kept waiting nearly fifteen minutes before she’d take our order, then we couldn’t order food because the kitchen closed in five minutes. We went to the Toby Carvery, five minutes walk away – where the staff were polite, the food was good, and it was probably cheaper as well.

Our first photo today shows a bridge in Newbury. This one crosses the Kennet and Avon Canal, and is very close to the geocache “Lock Stock and Barrel”, another one very close to a pub. It’s a lot nicer than the new bridge which replaces it – although needless to say, this one couldn’t carry the amount of traffic that currently fights its way through Newbury. Imagine what Newbury was like before the bypass – or remember it, if like me you don’t need to imagine it!

The second shot was taken nearby: It doesn’t have any particular artistic merit and it isn’t of anything very interesting, but it reminded me of one of my readers and I’ve included it for that reason!

Today’s activity has centred on going to church for this morning’s service, followed by a bit of shopping (buying Rockin’ Rob’s birthday pressie), and doing some caravan preparation ready for going away at the weekend. So there we are.

Happy Easter one and all – and Happy Birthday to Rockin’ Rob for tomorrow.

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