I Don’t Like Mondays

Yesterday Blogger did something very strange…it made me try three times before it would publish my blog, then it published it three times. Anyway, hopefully it’s sorted by now.

After all that blogging I did, encouraging people to vote in the elections, I haven’t yet said anything about the results; well, Blair and his bunch of lying, cheating bushbabies were given a right good kicking, which is obviously a good thing. Hopefully the Labour party will now dump Blair and his thuggish deputy in a dole queue somewhere, although frankly they’re all responsible with the exception of the small number of them who had the bottle to rebel against their ludicrous policies.

And of course we now have 12 MEPs from the UK Independence Party*. It will be interesting to see how they develop, will they stay true to their stated principles and oppose Euro-expansion at every turn, or will they stick their noses in the trough and ride the gravy train** like all the other Brussels leeches? Only time will tell, but for the first time in ages I actually have hope that the Euro-sceptics can win over the British public, in the crucial referendum on the Euro-constitution (assuming Blair keeps his word and lets us have a referendum), and at whatever time in the future we get to vote on saving Sterling.

And finally, on matters European – I see our footballers let us down last night. Who on earth had the brilliant idea of letting Beckham take the penalty against the goalie who used to be his normal penalty practising partner? Still, we won the cricket and that’s all that really matters.

*at the time of writing, it may have increased by the time you see this
**What a horrible image

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