Picture This

…but before I get on to today’s subject, I MUST say congratulations to Helena and the whole Milk Monster family, and “Welcome to the world” to Emma :-) . There’s a luvvly pic over on MMM’s blog.

Anyway – there was much fuss on the radio today about photographing children. See how it all fits together? I don’t just throw these together unplanned, y’know. Apparently some chap was taking photos of his 12-year-old son playing football, when the mother of one of the other children came over and asked him to stop, in case the pictures were misused by perverts.

I know I’ve said this before, but I HATE the way the world is going. It always used to be – in this country at least – that you were innocent until proven guilty, but it seems now that the opposite is true and every man – women seem to be generally exempt from these stupid accusations – is potentially a pervert, or someone who makes pictures available to perverts. I carry a camera all the time – it’s something that health and safety people do, for accident investigations and things, plus it’s handy for recording information for geocaches :-) . I’ve felt a bit vulnerable sometimes and I’m certainly careful where I point my camera – but for someone known to be a parent taking a picture of his OWN children to be insulted that way is, in itself, criminal.

If it were me, I’d like to think I’d be brave enough to say, “If you’re accusing me of something, please do it publicly so I can challenge you to prove it in court”, but I don’t suppose I would: The press – especially the chip wrapper that passes for a local paper round this way – are well known for never letting the truth get in the way of a good headline, and a story titled Short Bearded Bald Bloke Accused of Kiddie Porn would do no good to my future employment prospects, or to my future with hospital radio or many of the other things I do for fun. Most people assume there’s no smoke without fire, but there’s no doubt – if I may mix a metaphor – that if enough s**t is thrown around, some will stick to even a previously spotless surface.

I’m not saying for a second that children shouldn’t be protected, but looking to “rescue” them from the hideous threat of being on the same football pitch as someone who’s Dad takes his picure seems to be going a bit far to me. I’m sure life was better in the old days…

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