Well I Think That Went Rather Well

Up at the crack of sparrer’s today, to be on the train to London for another job interview. I’ve always had this theory about interviews, sport, basically anything where you’re in competition with others: You can only be as good as you can be – you have no control over how good anyone else is, so the thing to focus on is how well you do your bit. Today – whatever happens – I’m confident I was as good as I could be, and the interviewer complimented me on a well-presented CV, and said he thought I’d given a very good interview as well.

Getting home, I found a letter from Moving Things About Ltd saying I hadn’t got the job there – but you’ll remember me saying I wasn’t that bothered anyway!

On the way to the interview I found Sherlock 3, one of a series of caches leading to a final find once you’ve done the lot! I haven’t yet done them all, but later in the day I found Sherlock 4 and Sherlock 5.

I also found Wedding Cake In”spire”ation and Aiii Que Dolor!, and had a couple of DNFs – one because there were too many people around to retrieve the cache safely, and the other because I decided not to pay the 10 entrance fee to the venue!

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