Winter is a’comin’ Back, Lewdly Sing “Bu**er Me, It’s a Bit Cold Round ‘Ere”

First thing I did when I got up this morning was open the window – it was a lovely sunny day out there. Second thing I did was shut it again, a bit darned smartish. Winter seems to have returned with a vengeance, there was even some snow as I was walking over to the doctor’s yesterday.

This morning’s main activity was moving furniture: The carpet fitter is coming back on Friday, and of course I’m in London most of tomorrow, so I had to make sure the room was ready for him: I’ve moved all the heavy furniture, lifted the old carpet and cut it up ready to be thrown out, and taken it out to the shed. I’ve also moved some of the lighter furniture back, so there is at least a chair to sit on and a telly to look at. AND I’ve cut a section of the old carpet to fit in the caravan, to act as carpet protector when people with muddy boots tramp in and out on Raynet events. Is there no end to my industry.

Well yes, there is, because I’m now knackered and if it gets any colder in here I’m not even going to be able to type. Gym this afternoon, then off to Sarah’s for chinese salad! Please don’t expect much blog tomorrow – I’m on the 6:30 train to London so I’ll want to sleep the evening away, except for the bit when I’m at Hospital Radio!

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