My back hurts.

That’s mainly because I’ve been moving furniture and taking up old carpets most of today, but also a little bit because my kidneys got a bit cold yesterday :-( . And it’s hailing here again today – although the forecast is for improvement, thanks goodness.

Two texts from Jenny again today: “Day 8: waah! Time 2 go home. Shoulder is a little less nuclear, so flt should b OK. 2 hours 2 kill b4 pickup frm hotel, flt is 5:40 local time” came this morning, and was followed just after lunch by “At the airport, boo! Have muppet couple from hell on our flight, 30 minutes late here as they were late for coach & then forgot their passports! Gawd help us…”.

The other news of today is that I said “No thank you” to a job this morning – it was one of the ones I sent CVs off for on Saturday, and when the agency rang today it turned out the job was in Hayes. I don’t mind travelling for a job that really sounds exciting, but that one sounded a bit – well – ordinary. So I said no. Get me, how choosy is that!

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