A Grand Day Out…

…but first, the news of the day, to save those who aren’t interested in caching from having to wade through all the caching news! While I was out caching, I had a phone call from Moving Things About Ltd – they want me to go for an interview next Tuesday! So that’s two interviews next week. The suit will be getting worn out at this rate! And in the “Chris and Jenny’s Holiday News”, as Sarah has said in her comment on yesterday’s entry: Today’s text from Egypt says “Day 3: Oops, appear 2 be totally sozzled after 2 cocktails (but there was a double vodka in each!). Got 2 be up at stupid o’clock 4 trip 2 Cairo…” So that’s OK :-)

So, today was a caching Grand Day Out, and I decided to go to Bournemouth, where there’s a cluster of caches which ought to let me rack a few numbers up and have a good walk into the bargain. In the end I walked 10 miles and got 11 caches and a trig point, with only one fail to find along the way. The weather was excellent – as warm as a late Spring day – so I had a great time.

Those caches were:
Below the Bridge
The Lighthouse – Bournemouth
The 480 Bridge
Sandstorm’s Secret Number 2 – Chine Climb
I See No Ships
The Only Street
Built from top to bottom
Horseshoe Common
Meyrick Park
and finally, on the way home from Bournemouth…
Bird’s Eye View

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