Hard Work

…and firstly, congrats to Kouros who seems to have landed himself a fabby new job well before the redundo ran out. Good for you matey!

I’ve been working hard again today – Paul’s tip for today is “Never buy self-assembly furniture from Argos”. On Friday I bought a computer desk – today I finally managed to get it in a usable condition. Assembling it was fairly easy, once I’d located the bendy screwdriver, for the screws that are too close to another panel for the normal screwdriver to fit. The problem was the back panel, which is in exactly the right place to stop the mains lead going into the back of the PC. The other problem is that my hole saw is excruciatingly blunt.

I also broke my tape measure, measuring up for the new carpets which I’m assured we need.

In other news – for those of you who’ve not heard already – Jenny and Chris have arrived safely at their hols destination. They didn’t have a very good trip apparently, but all is well now :-)

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