Today was a lovely sunny day, and I was working on an event in the north of the county – and as you know, when I’m in a new area I like to do a few caches! First, on the way to the event, was Motorway Mayhem M3 J5/J4A Fleet Services North, another of those intended as a quick grab on the way past on a long journey.

Then I manned my checkpoint on the Fleet Half Marathon, where not much happened, although we had the usual bolshy drivers who tried to tell us the road closures didn’t apply to them.

Second for the day – but first after the event – was Cache Copse, a little multicache that involved walking alongside a canal and across a field, then through a wood. Very nice, and I met a new cacher there – so new he hasn’t got his GPS yet!

Next was St Mary’s Church, where the cache is actually in some woods behind the church – loads of mud, Omally would love it, but the wild flowers weren’t out in the woods yet, so I may go back to see them later. On the way from here to the next one I saw something odd – an ambulance turned round in the parking in front of the curch, then as I drove off it came back with its blue lights on, so I pulled over to let it through. Then it turned round and came back again! Glad I wasn’t the one waiting for it.

Next was Hawk’s Hideout, the biggest challenge of which was finding the car park! Once again there was a walk alongside a canal, once again there was mud! Then I moved on to Ob-scure, hidden in the churchyard of a pretty little country church, which sadly wasn’t open – I’d have liked to see inside.

Finally, I stopped on the way home at Motorway Mayhem M3 J9 – I tried to find this one without a GPS on Tuesday, without success. Today, no problem.

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