It goes both ways

You’ll remember a few weeks ago (May 14th actually) I blogged about being a bit cheesed of with work. They’d refused to fund the second part of my diploma course, telling me to go off and research getting an NVQ Level 4 instead. Apparently that’s cheaper because I can do it locally, thereby saving the accommodation cost that goes with the diploma course.

Well, maybe I’m a snob, but I’d rather have the Diploma than the NVQ, although obviously my preferences count for nothing in this situation. Anyway, I put theresearch off for as long as I could, but today I didn’t really feel like working too hard, so I did a bit of Googling. Apparently the nearest I can do the NVQ course is in Dartford (for those who don’t know, I’m in Southampton)! While the point of NVQ is that you do most of the study in the workplace, there would still be some attendance down there, and I’m sure accomodation in Dartford will be no cheaper in Dartford than Birmingham. The person in Dartford who can give me the exact detail is on leave for another month, so I’ll have to wait till then for the full scam.

Other than that, I’ve put three items on eBay: I’m not sure if they’ll sell, but it’s free listing day so it’s worth a try.

Toodle-pip folks.

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