According to the calendar on SimonG’s blog -which is always right – today is my bloggiversary!

On the 27th February 2004, GottleBlog first hit the interweb, although in those days it was called “A Short Fat Bald Bloke Writes…”. I wasn’t bearded in them days, and I wasn’t diabetic, or at least I hadn’t been diagnosed. In that first entry, I mentioned that my car (predecessor of Grunty) was in the garage and not at all well: it eventually took over a week for the garage to diagnose an electrical problem, while in the meantime I drove round in the world’s biggest roller skate, a Daewoo Matiz. I aso mentioned that my chum John had had a stroke while in hospital – he died a few weeks later – and that a friend of mine had met a new chap and things were looking good for them. Well, they got married and that’s the last I heard, so I assume things are still OK.

I’d also just passed my part one diploma with a distinction, which I thought was pretty good, and still do :-) . Now of course, I have my level six diploma, which is even better :-D

The other thing that happened, that first weekend of blogginess, was that I went caching with my chums the Tates: We came last in the team challenge, but had a good time anyway: I found my 100th cache part way round, we found some other caches, and then we went to the pub.

Happy bloggiversary to me :-)

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