Simon’s blog from yesterday was about his Mum not noticing things, and in the comments I mentioned that it took my Mum ages to notice when I shaved my moustache off. I also mentioned that there are enough stories about my Mum for a month’s worth of blogs.

I suppose the archetypal “my Mum” blog concerns the night she was watching EastEnders, when there was a power cut at the transmitter and she lost all TV channels (but still had power herself). She set the video to record the programme, so she could play it back when the transmitter came back on…

Having said that, I love my mum to bits and wouldn’t swap her for the world.

Anyway, after work today I went and did a virtual geocache, Ibsley WWII RDF Site. A virtual cache is one where there isn’t a cache hidden there (because of landowner rules, or because it’s environmentally sensitive, or whatever), but there’s something worth looking at. You take a photo of yourself at the site, or answer a question about the location, and claim it as a normal cache. This one had great views

AND I managed to bag a trigpoint while I was there!

Then I watched the Dressing Up Game with the other SimonGophytes, and now I need a beer!

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